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Changes in the Music Industry

With record sales on the decline, there will be major changes that need to happen in the music industry. Here are a few of my ideas; Read Full>>

Welcome to Internet Idol!

Although I've been saying for some time now that the internet will eventually clog up with low quality music, even I was surprised when I realized... Read Full>>

EMI Agrees with Me...

Recently on CNN I saw an interview about the troubled EMI record company. Some interesting data came up which I would like to share. Read Full>>

Recording Live could be Fatal

I can understand the need to get your music out there to the listeners, for them to appreciate and hopefully like what you do. But there are many bands out there that are too hasty to do this and inevitably get a negative result instead of achieving a long line of faithful fans.... Read Full>>

You're so easy to forget

When a person sees you perform for the first time, what is the next thing they do? If you think they will buy your record, or want to download your latest MP3, you're greatly mistaken. The cold and hard truth is…. They will forget you! Read Full>>

I wanna be a ..... rapper!

It's no secret that the music industry has taken a hard hit with record sales over recent years, with file swapping on the internet and MP3's. One of the hardest hit niches in the industry has been hip hop, or rap music as it is sometimes called. Sales plummeted 44% since 2000 and accounts for 10% in total music sales. Read Full>>

Recording Companies want to Record You!

Why is that band that plays rubbish is famous and I who's battling to make it every day get nowhere? Read Full>>

Behavioural Patterns of Musicians...

These last few weeks I've been doing research in groups and forums about independent musicians and bands. I wanted to know how they would react when I sent sometimes controversial articles and messages to these groups. Read Full>>

E-Books for Musicians

I did some research in specialized music forums about the ambitions and middle to long term goals of musicians. I must confess, I wasn't too surprised in discovering that the two principal objectives of those who wished to make a career with music was to be rich and famous. Read Full>>

Reasons for Contracting a Music Producer

There is a massive amount of independent bands floating around, each one writing and recording their own brand of music. Many times the recording of their music comes to a sticky end, being of poor recording or sound quality (there is a difference between recording and sound quality) thus serving little use as a promotions tool, nor saleable item. Read Full>>

Beware of the Yes Men!

We love to be noticed. We adore to be complemented. It's human nature. But it's also a dangerous trap!

When I was around nineteen years of age and I recorded my first album, I was surrounded by people in the studio telling me how great I was. It got so bad that I began to believe them. I mean, if everyone was telling me, it must be true. Right? Read Full>>

Something They Need...?

Many musicians and composers I have met have been and in some cases still are, a little frustrated because of the difficulty of being recognized as a predominent figure in the music world. They try so hard at perfecting their music, working the arrangements over and over again, trying to get it so that the 'riff' of the guitar may be heard, or that one line of the lyrics is 'just right'. All that may be important for another musician or a music 'expert', but, on the whole, for Joe Public, it doesn't take center stage. Read Full>>

Am I a Footballer?

I love football. Soccer, not American football.

I don't know much about the rules, but I can kick a ball hard and that's what's important. Right? Read Full>>

Music Economics Network

Musicians seriously starting out in a music career should always take into consideration the expense they will eventually have to face to continue their advance in the music market. Read Full>>

I want to be like Brian (they say...)

I feel that artists, who wish to enter in the music market professionally need to invest in their career. I state this in my free e-book "Marketing Your Music - First Steps" ,

"...just like in any other business, you will need to designate a quantity which you are prepared to invest. Treat music like any other commercial adventure in your life..." Read Full>>

A Funny Week

This week has been a funny one in terms of advising young inexperienced musicians. They come up with theories and believe in urbain legends about the music industry, which for sure will not help them as a professional musician. Read Full>>

You can lead a horse to water….

It's funny how people just don't understand the idea of music professionals giving up their advice to help the career of independent musicians. Why should they listen to our advice, after all we're not famous. Of course we're not, our work is done away from the spotlight, away from the public eye and that is how it should be, but many of our clients and businesses are doing well. Read Full>>


Success & Failure


Do you know how many musicians are successful in relation to those musicians who are losers?

One in a hundred? One in a thousand? One in every hundred thousand?


The truth is that anybody can be a loser. It's easy. Read Full>>


Self Destruction

An excellent question was posted in one of the forums that I would like to share with you.

"I recently volunteered to help promote a very professional sounding new London band.

Incredibly they had the amazing good fortune by getting a recording session at the world famous Abbey Road studios. You would think well they're on their way! Read Full>>

Want to be a Musician?

The internet as a music communications tool will eventually enter into overkill with independent musicians.

Julian Lennon in common with many artists, feels he has had a number of regrettable experiences with record companies and distributors. With his Web presence he feels he has the opportunity to disregard the traditional route of record releases. Read Full>>

Marketing Your Music

Marketing is a mythisized science, even within business circles. In artistic circles, marketing is often seen as a tool that Dick Dastardley and Mutley would use in the cartoon "Wacky Races".  Many artists say that when a talentless artist becomes successful, it was all down to the question of marketing. Read Full>>

Getting back into Music

It's the dream of almost every adolescent to have their own rock band, create new sounds, reach success and everything else that all of this could bring. Screaming fans, respect, autographs, tours, luxury hotels, glamour etc... Read Full>>


Branding in Music


Generating more income in a commercial world is a never ending battle. Nothing wrong with that until of course the bubble bursts, when there is no more room to expand. Read Full>>


Take a Tip from Capitol Records


Capitol Records used a strategy which put the only daughter of the King of Rock, Elvis Presley on top of the world, and now Lisa Marie Presley is destined to follow the road to success. Read Full>>


Selling Music on the Internet - Good or Bad?


Gerd Leonhard is director of Berklee Music, in the United States. He beleives that the music industry and the recording industry will change radically over the next few years. He believes that the new media will eliminate traditional companies of the recording industry. Read More>>


Music on the Internet


It's clear that on the internet the artist has freedom, and it's also clear that the listener can listen to music whenever they want – exactly as you can do in the real world, putting the content onto a CD. Read Full>>

Perform live at Las Vegas !

Once upon a time...

An unknown band got in contact with a venue manager and asked to be contracted to perform. The manager listened to the bands' demo, thought that the music was good and agreed that the band could play on a determined day. Read Full>>


Shania Twain is Watching You!


Shania Twain is the hottest "Country Pop" artist of North America.

In spite of her nationality (Canadian - not American), the singer released the most successful female solo album of all time, selling on average 34 million copies throughout the world. Read Full>>


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