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Seven Fascinating Chapters To Protect Your Music Career

In your music career, one of the most important decisions you will have to make will be the moment in which you sign a contract with a good personal manager to orient you, guide you and manage the difficulties that you will naturally encounter on your way to success.

This professional is, a majority of the time, overlooked by those who search fame and fortune in the artistic world, simply because his work is mainly done a long way from the spotlights.

The keys that open the doors to success are kept under guard by the personal manager! The keys to knowledge, the keys to access the major record companies, the keys to access to the best music producers and the keys to strategical planning necessary to reach that success so  desired. After all, nobody makes a success alone!

Contracting a personal manager for yourself or your band could be a complicated task, especially if you are not properly prepared to negociate your contract with the right person for you. Personal managers come in all shapes and sizes and the choice of manager most adequate to your needs, depends, as well as your musical talent, your professionalism, your experience and knowledge of the music business.

In the report Personal Managers in the Music Industry I will explain to you how this professional works, what he does, what your obligations are, the best time in your career to consider contracting a personal manager, where to find them and the care that you need to take in choosing the right professional for you.

This report covers themes, including:

The Importance of having a Personal Manager
Self Management
The Personal Manager
Categories of Personal Manager
Where to find a Personal Manager
Working with your Personal Manager
The Contract

And much more...

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Flávio Lima
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