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You're So Easy to Forget

When a person sees you perform for the first time, what is the next thing they do? If you think they will buy your record, or want to download your latest MP3, you're greatly mistaken. The cold and hard truth is…. They will forget you!

I'm sorry to have to say this to you, but the quality of your music is not enough any more and if your feelings are hurt, then you shouldn't be in the music industry in the first place. If you want to make a success of your career, however, you will need to face the hard truth and work on trying to avoid this phenomenon.

But first I need to prove to you that what I'm saying is true. So here goes.


How many times have you remembered a song but forgotten who the artist was. I mean, for those of you who are old enough, who sang "Never turn your back on Mother Earth"? If you got that right, then you must be a Sparks fan.


How many times have you remembered the artist but forgotten how the music went? Do you understand what I'm trying to get at here? And when I ask these questions, I'm asking about internationally famous artists or songs. Imagine the anonymous singer in the pubs and clubs of this world who are forgotten the very next day. Have you ever remembered that you had a good night out last night, but you couldn't remember who it was that rocked your socks off.

For the listener, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Our brains are not programmed to remember everything that we see and hear and those things that we do remember, we remember because something triggers the part that works our memory in our brain. Anyway the listener is not obliged to remember. However, the artist IS obliged to remind.

So the thing is, if you want to be remembered, you have to remind people of who you are. How do you remind people? Well you can keep a mailing list and from time to time send out newsletters to the people who showed initial interest in your work, you could send reports about yourself (but only if you have something to say) to the local press, continue sending your music to the local commercial and college radio stations or like me in my case, write and post another article.

That's just one of the ways how I get people to remember me. I monitor how often my articles are being read, how many time my link is clicked on, and when the numbers begin to fall, I'll write another article. For those people who meet me for the first time, by reading my articles, if they are interested, will look for others under my name to read and our relationship begins.

So remember, if you want to be remembered by people, you have to give them a nudge from time to time to remind them that you exist.


Steve Allen

Steve Allen is consultant and music producer. Author of "Marketing Your Music – Success Strategies", "Personal Management in the Music Industry" and "Street Teams – Expand your Fan Base" http://www.marketingyourmusic.net

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