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Shania Twain is Watching You!

Shania Twain is the hottest "Country Pop" artist of North America.


In spite of her nationality (Canadian - not American), the singer released the most successful female solo album of all time, selling on average 34 million copies throughout the world.


In a recent interview on the tv program Larry King Live (CNN) she told her secret of writing so many hits, one after the other, even though she had so little time to concentrate and compose in an isolated place.

Nothing revolutionary, up until the woman said that the songs need to have "groove". Talk about "groove" is like saying that a car needs to have an attractive colour to be a success in sales.


But Shania Twain showed her intelligence when she said that the words to her songs should always, tell a good story about the day to day life of people, which can be easily related to their lives.

It's at this point that the singer kills her competition.

She normally does research with the people she talks with on a daily basis, working in her ideas in the conversations and paying a great deal of attention in their reactions. If the idea receives a good reaction from her small audience, she knows that she has the words to another hit in her hands.

Shania uses the market research strategy of immersion. By doing this, she investigates the musical consumer needs of her public, mingling with it and absorbing its' thoughts and culture.


Of course, in this case, she is limited to a small circle of her closest fans, where she would have the chance to leave unscathed, without torn clothes or pieces of hair being torn out.


We all have the same opportunity, in our day to day, and many times we simply don't take advantage as well as Shania does.


Always when we enter into a good conversation, we look for information and we offer information to our listeners. We try to push our politic and influence down our close friends and colleagues throats and of course we are influenced also by their attitudes.


Have you stopped to think of the quantity of information we receive from these people and we avoid, at almost all costs, to consider it relevant to our lives?


Each conversation with your friends could contain the diamond which you need to change your whole life around. Who knows for sure?


Each idea, each philosophy that we don't pay much attention to could hold the key to our success.


It's because of this that success comes quicker to those who know how to listen, more than to talk. You can only learn listening. At least Shania Twain believes in this route and isn't complaining much of the millions that she is earning each month!


There is something that makes a lot of sense in marketing, be it for a successful singer, for a company or for your career: it isn't what you necessarily think is interesting which earns success with your client, but it's what your client thinks is interesting. Can you see the sense?



Steve Allen

Steve Allen is consultant and music producer.                 Author of "Marketing Your Music – Success Strategies", "Personal Management in the Music Industry" and "Street Teams – Expand your Fan Base"                                      http://www.marketingyourmusic.net

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